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The Challenge

Passion takes different forms for different people, but it will always push you into undertaking new adventures. Like the many times they braved the wilderness and faced nature’s odds, the Rodriguez brothers wanted to share the same feeling of rush and excitement that burned in their hearts. With confidence at their backs and the thrill of wonder in their sights, they set out to face a new challenge: brewing beer.


Branding & Identity
Packaging Design

The Approach

Freshness. Strength. Freedom. The core traits of exploring nature, of being one with your surroundings, of enjoying life at its fullest. More importantly, they are also the core traits of a really good beer.

We needed to find a way to express these ideas while also being careful not to alienate the expanded customer demographic. We finally decided to use the name Scout: a fine institution that inspired pride in its members and admiration in everyone else.

The Outcome

We worked based on two concepts: nature can be both gentle and caring, or it can be wild and fierce. Thus, we developed both concepts as two different product lines. Scout for a fresh pale ale, and Feral for its untamed cousin.

The Scout’s spirit is best represented by the stag: a noble animal, living as an explorer, peaceful with it’s surroundings, but with a strong, firm character. On the other hand, Feral is not a reference to a single animal; rather to a raw, bold, rush of sensations.

Just like a darn good beer.

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