How to Improve Your Sales

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Have you ever felt like your sales hit a plateau? You’ve got a ton of plans for the future, but your income is not growing fast enough to expand and set new projects in motion. The easiest way to overcome this is to increase your income by selling more. Easier said than done, am I right? But don’t worry! We have a few tips that will give you a different perspective on how to improve your sales.

Ideas to Improve Your Sales

Turn Your Product Into a High-value Experience

Do yourself a favor and take a good look at your company. You’re probably doing your best effort, but that doesn’t mean that all your decisions are going through the right path. Bear in mind that—though your product may have great intrinsic value—only the biggest brands know how to convert their product into a high-value customer experience.

For example, there may be millions of coffeehouses, but Starbucks is, without a doubt, one of the most successful in the world. Its intrinsic value is the same as all others, but how it transmits that value to its customers is what makes a real difference.

Let’s analyze the overall essential Starbucks experience: stores have a delicious, fresh-made coffee aroma. Baristas call you by your first name. Beverages are sweet and loaded with flavor. And people simply feel so much better if their cup has the famous mermaid logo printed on it.

Now, keep in mind that all of these measures were an internal differentiation proposal. The fresh-made coffee aroma is carefully tailor-made so as not to be overwhelming. Calling you by your name is their way of making you feel in a familiar environment. Their beverages have a gigantic, addictive and very cheap sugar dosage. And, they fostered—artificially, by the way—the picture of a prestige brand just so their target customers would advertise them in their stead.

You have to understand that brewing the most delicious coffee in the world is of no value if you offer a mediocre experience. So, review the experience you’re offering, and analyze what measures you can take to revolutionize your clients’ perspective on your brand.

Analyze Your Clients’ Behavior From All Fronts

Whether your company is very huge, or if it’s only now just taking its first steps, keep in mind that information is power. One great source of information are your employees. Since they’re often your customers’ first touch-point, so too are they who better understand your customers. Probably even better than you do! Listen to their recommendations and, above all, their complaints.

Remember that your employees want to see your business triumph. Take care of them, and they’ll take care of you.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should take their word at face value. You too have your own work to do—so keep a detailed log of all possible metrics. How many customers visit you per day? What day of the week is the busiest for your business? At which point in your sales pipeline do potential customers drop off? What’s the most common reason your customers opt for your competition? You might not like the answers, but they’re needed to discover the gaps along your sales process.

Also, keep in mind the external perspective. Do your best to leave your bias aside for a minute and simulate a sale as if you were a new client. Analyze the first impression you get while processing a purchase; ask uncomfortable questions to your employees to measure their knowledge in your product; search for moments in the purchase process where you find the most obstacles. You’ll be surprised to see that you may not be as familiar with the experience as you would have thought.

If you combine your knowledge and purchase experience with the information that your employees give you, you might get a clearer view of what’s good and what’s not in your company. You may need to improve your product; perhaps the user experience is unsatisfactory; maybe there’s a problem in your process, or it could be that some of your employees are not as efficient in their current role.

What you find can be very hard to accept, but it’s important so you can take action and make informed decisions. Which leads us to the next point.

Don’t Be Afraid to Start a Revolution

“This is the way it has always been done”. If you hear one of your employees say this, you know you’re in deep trouble. Situations change; market conditions change; technology changes. If everything changes, why should you remain static?

Don’t be afraid to undertake new processes, to revitalize your product or even to redesign your brand. After all, that’s the main objective of the previous analysis you’ve made, isn’t it? All information lacks value if no action is taken with it.

It’s not about making changes for the sake of trying something new. Every choice you make has to be backed up by the results of your research. One option, if your business model allows it, is to make an “A|B test”. This consists of preparing 2 completely different sales scenarios over some time, and discover which one is the most profitable.

For example, you could make 2 different websites, one with an elegant, minimalist design, and another flashier, more creative design. You can reroute half your traffic to one site, and the other half to the second one. The calls to action will be different, and you’ll be able to determine which site resonates better with your clients. You can also do this directly in your product (which color sells more?) or service (what post-sales service is more attractive to our customers?).

If you’re a bit nervous to make a radical change, you can start with little steps. Set your final objective and make small pivots, one step at a time, until you reach your destination. However, bear in mind that once there, you’ll have to start this process all over again, market innovation needs to keep you at the leading edge.

Renovating yourself is simpler than it seems at first, following these steps, you’ll have gained a deep analysis of your business—which is an excellent starting point. However, if you want to maximize your profits, in less time, then you need to invest in…

Hiring Professional Help

Just as you are an expert in your field, there are people whose objective is to help you reach your maximum potential. The most important thing is to have talented, passionate people working with you; a team that will take their time to understand your business and give you the necessary tools for growth.

Uprise Studio is here to help. We love working with visionary and enthusiastic people, and, if you’ve kept reading thus far, we’d love to work with you!

We’ll help you develop strategies that will:

  • Adapt to your business’ needs.
  • Work for you from day one.
  • Will continue to work for years to come.

Remember: investing in your business is investing in your future. Come over and discover what marketing & brand strategy, tailor-made to your business, can do for you. We’ll accelerate your business’ growth together.

The most controversial decision you can make is the decision to do nothing. You can stay in the same situation you’re already in, or you can break your company’s glass ceiling. Consider that

Having a simple logo is not enough; you need a strong brand that moves your customers to their core.

Having a website is not enough; you need a strong online presence, equipped with automatic selling tools.

You don’t need intrusive sales ads; you need to create a connection with your customers; stop being a “supplier” and become a “problem solver”.

Tell us about your project and we’ll guide you in this process.

Together we will find your areas of opportunity and we’ll help you choose the services that will impact your business the most. We’ll discover the best way to achieve the results you need and, even more importantly, we’ll help you achieve them.

This is what others are saying about us:

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Matthew Evans-Jones – Owner at BBQ365

“Very quick delivery, high quality execution, and the owner is genuinely a very nice guy. Thanks again for designing my products. The labels in particular look fantastic. I will schedule more work for the future.”

Nick Fairley – Founder at Fairley’s Fine Condiments

“Man, I really, really like the logo! It was such a great conversation starter at the event. I can’t wait to wear my own Southern Hills branded cap.”

Robb Burden – Owner at Southern Hills Homebrew Supply

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Jo Querol

As the founder of Uprise Studio, Jo unites over ten years of professional design experience with his curiosity and affinity for listening attentively. Beside his design work, Jo is passionate about cold brew coffee, game design, and his personal projects.

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