We are Uprise™

Our name is an extension of our core belief that apathy—not risk—is the enemy of growth, while action and creativity foster it.

Uprise is led by design partners, Jo Querol and Dany Villarreal, along with their tech co-founder César Pérez. The trio have been collaborating together for over a decade, building brand identities, apps, websites, and marketing campaigns.

Beginning as Jo’s modest solopreneur design business—today Uprise is a network of remotely connected, talented individuals helping companies build up their brands and break through their plateaus.

In Uprise we believe in consistency, dedication and transparency.
Or as we say: “Show up, step up & be straight up.”

Jo Querol

brand strategist & creative director

His first influences came from his father who was an architect, and his sister who taught him oil painting.

He started his career working in an architect firm where he designed print adverts and brand identities for new construction projects. Jo would later go on to work for agencies such as Foodlosofia and Publishing Resources Inc before starting his own creative studio.

As the founder of Uprise Studio, Jo unites over ten years of professional design experience with his curiosity and affinity for listening attentively. Jo is also passionate about cold brew coffee, photography and game design.

Dany Villarreal

Art director & Illustrator

She grew up in a close-knit family of artists—in a home decorated with her grandma’s paintings.

Dany started her career designing logos and social media ads for agencies like Sovietica—as well as editorial pieces for magazines like Vocero and Residente. After partnering with Jo, her keen eye and empathic approach to design has made them a power couple of creativity.

Today she loves to drink matcha tea while she makes and publishes watercolor illustrations under her pen name “Bebet”. When she’s not making silly obscene drawings about nachos, Dany’s professional work is exquisite and delicate.

César Pérez

Front-end developer

César is a web expert with a keen eye for optimization and online best practices. César started working in web design as a means to capitalize on his love for art.

Before partnering with Dany and Jo, César worked on several digital design agencies and hosting companies following his mission to help businesses find their personality, connect with the right audiences and leverage their competitive advantages.

Web design projects are complex endeavors with many moving pieces; that is why César likes to start off with the big picture in mind, so he can figure out how everything fits together

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