Break Through

Break Through

Uprise is a brand strategy and UI/UX studio that helps businesses grow and break through plateaus. We deliver top-notch work following a process that’s mindful, strategic, and honest.


Food & Beverage — Brand Identity & Web


Technology — Brand Identity & UI/UX


Food & Beverage — Brand Identity
& Product Launch


Beauty & Health — Brand Identity


Architecture & Real Estate — Brand Identity & Web

Mary Frances

Lifestyle — Brand Identity

OK Hosting

Technology — Brand Identity & UI/UX


Your Brand, Loved by Everyone Who Matters to You

We know your brand has an enormous potential to evolve—we’ll help you step up your branding game through a strategic approach. Let us combine your years of expertise in your industry with our never-ending curiosity to help your vision stand out and break through the noise.

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Mindful design

Join Us in the Pursuit of Delight

Good design should be compelling, intuitive and functional. Our goal is to amplify the fundamental traits that already makes your brand great and give it a voice.

Together we’ll make sure your brand stays true to itself throughout all of its touchpoints




Your Goals, Our North Star

Outstanding design doesn’t happen in a vacuum. That is why we’ll work closely with you to understand the ins and outs of your business. Only by aligning our goals to yours, we allow design to play its role in moving the needle forward. 

We believe in a simple formula for success:

Look up the data + Set up a plan + Build up your brand = Breakthrough.


We Help You Build Engaging Digital Experiences

Having a strong digital presence is essential for doing business in this day and age. We’ll help you build platforms where your brand can shine. We deliver apps and websites that:

  • Are a delight to navigate for your audience.
  • Are easy to manage for you.
  • Work for you on auto-pilot.

The Internet can be a scary place to wander alone. Let us help you tread the right path forward to break new ground in your business.

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“They worked very hard, to make sure a tight deadline was met.

They did an amazing job and I would highly recommend them. I can’t wait to work with them again.”

Adam Giddens

Managing Director, IHouseU

“Excellent! They understood what I was looking for and delivered with a quick turnaround.

Highly recommended if you’re looking for a skilled and stylish team of designers.”

Claire McCarthy

Director, The Hen Collection

“Very quick delivery, high quality execution, and genuinely very nice people.

Thanks again for helping me relaunch my products. The new labels in particular look fantastic.

I will schedule more work for the future.”

Nick Fairley

Founder, Fairley's Condiments

“Man, I really, really like our new brand. Our logo was such a great conversation starter at the event.

I can’t wait to wear my own Southern Hills branded cap!”

Robb Burden

Owner, Southern Hills

“Your work is perfect, just what I was looking for. Thanks.”

Matthew Evans-Jones

Owner, BBQ 365

“I love your work! I just had a good feeling about you.

Thanks for everything, I really appreciate your ideas.”

Jena Ruppert

Founder, Ellechemy


Hire us for a stand-alone project or check out one of our comprehensive monthly plans with a discounted rate.


Let's Team Up

There’s so much upside to your business sitting right on the edge of its next big break. Together, as partners, we’ll find and realize its full potential.

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